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Hans Ottsen: Photos

Me with my #1, 1977 Gibson ES175T.  (photo by Kristina Schlah)
I played this guitar (1976 Penco 335) for a recording session w TICO TRIO (photo by Kristina Schlah)
Hans Ottsen and Nahum Thelonius Zdybel
Hans Ottsen Nahum Zdybel Live @ Squashed Grapes
That's me on the right, Sheila Jordan on the left, Ellen Johnson in the middle.
Great shot of Sheila Jordan and my Mother, Linda Ottsen
That's me, Gibson L7C w D'Armand floating pickup, Jonathan McEuen w Strat.
It's got what's called a "volute", the little swirly by the cutaway, like a mandolin. This model is the only Gibson model guitar with a volute.

Hans' Past Gig Posters (no particular order)

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