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Top Tier Music Instruction, Ventura County


Hans Ottsen has been a teacher of music since 1990. He has taught in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Ventura County where he co-owns and operates Ottsen Music Studios with his mother, soprano and voice coach Linda Ottsen. OMS is currently accepting students in the Ventura County area. Contact Hans Ottsen directly with any questions by calling or texting 805-515-9828 or email him at plucktwang@outlook.com.

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Globally Available Remote MUSIC Lessons w THE TOP TIER Instructors OF OTTSEN MUSIC STUDIOS


This is a terrific way to access top tier music instruction from any location worldwide whether you're traveling, outside Ventura County, isolating due to Covid, or just prefer one on one lessons online.  We at Ottsen Music Studios are associated with several incredible instructors available for remote lessons including Big Bad Voodoo Daddy saxophonist Karl Hunter (woodwinds), NYC & Broadway musician/composer/recording artist/producer Don Peretz (drums/percussion),  celebrated soprano/vocal coach Linda Ottsen (voice/opera/musical theater), & me: Hans Ottsen (guitar/piano/ukulele/jazz/harmony/improvisation/music theory).

        Email me at plucktwang@outlook.com for more info or to schedule a remote lesson or text me at 805-515-9828



HO3 & HO4 have many permutations.  Here are a few artists who have performed in my projects:   

          Drew Gress & Don Peretz, Matt Perko & Santino Tafarella, Tyler Hammond & Danny Connell,                Adam Clark & Guil Juliao, Ben Shepherd, Granville Young, Bruce Lett, Jeff Falkner, Domenic Genova, Tom Etchart, Mario Calire, Tina Raymond, Harry McKenzie and many more.   

Other projects include:   

mPhaka feat Karl Hunter Tyler Hammond Danny Connell Hans Ottsen   

Ottsen Flowers & Clark feat Rachel Flowers   

ORGANTUAN feat Jimmy Calire (B3, America), Mario Calire (drums, Wallflowers, Ozomatli), & Karl Hunter (sax, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy)   

Jazz Hates Johnny feat Karl Hunter, Andy Langham, Aaron McLendon, Rufus Filpot   

Harlem Holler Trio feat Phil Salazar & Randy Tico   

...and many more   

More musicians with whom Hans has collaborated:   

 Bevan Manson   

Drew Gress   

Don Peretz   

Tyler Blanton   

Matt Perko   

Santino Tafarella    

Jacob Scesney   

Adam Clark   

Rachel Flowers   

Tyler Hammond   

Mario Calire   

 Doug Webb   

Sam Sadigursky   

Ashley Broder   

Andy Langham   

Jimmy Calire   

Nahum Zdybel   

Hunter Van Dam   

Ric Fierabracci   

Rufus Filpot   

Aaron McLendon   

Randy Tico   

Phil Salazar   

Tom Collins   

Nicole Lvoff   

Tom Etchart   

Tom Buckner   

...and many more.   


To book your event or have Hans Ottsen assemble an ensemble specifically tailored for you, please contact Hans directly at 805-515-9828 or email plucktwang@outlook.com